Frequently Asked Questions

What is an H.O.A?

A Homeowners Association (H.O.A.) is an organization that has rules, guidelines and restrictions in place to maintain and enhance property values. When purchasing property with an H.O.A. you agree to abide by the rules and regulations set forth and pay the association dues.

Does our Cottonwood Ranch Community have an H.O.A?

Cottonwood Ranch has two separate H.O.A’s each with their own Board of Directors, and separate dues. The Club at Cottonwood H.O.A. incorporates the Clubhouse and the immediate grounds surrounding the Clubhouse including the parking lot, pool area, bocce courts, and horseshoe court.

The Cottonwood Ranch H.O.A incorporates all remaining common areas including the park and trails.

How much are the H.O.A. dues?

Currently Club dues are $145.00 per quarter and Ranch dues are $200.00 semi-annually.

Who manages our H.O.A.’s?

HOAMCO is the Management Company for both H.O.A’s within guidelines of each of the Board of Directors.

Where can I locate a copy of the Club Rules and Regulations?
You can pick up a hard copy from the Clubhouse front desk or review on the website, by clicking here.
Where can I locate a copy of the Ranch CC&R’s/Rules and Regulations?

They are located here, on the website. You can find them by going to About the Ranch > Governing Documents, or by clicking here.

What are the Clubhouse hours?

Clubhouse hours with staff – 8:00am to 8:00 pm and is open 7 days a week.

At what age is my child allowed access to clubhouse and pool area without me.

Resident household members ages 14 and older may access clubhouse facilities and pool areas unaccompanied. They may also invite guests to these areas until 7:00pm as long as liability waivers and permissions slips are on file in advance at the club office and signed by the homeowner or lessee.

Can I bring guests to the Clubhouse?

Members are entitled to bring guests to clubhouse and are required to remain with guests during their use of the facilities. All guests must be checked in at front desk and complete the mandatory required waivers and permission forms prior to using clubhouse and/or pool.

How many guests can I bring to Clubhouse?

Members are allowed a maximum of 4 guests at one time per day. Each household is provided 10 complimentary guest passes per year and any unused guest passes automatically expire at the end of the calendar year. Guest passes are not transferable.

Can I get additional guest passes?

Additional guest passes can be purchased from Club Manager for a cost of $20.00 for 10 guest visits.

How do I obtain authorization to use Clubhouse?

Picture I.D. Badges and Key Fobs are issued after completion of a scheduled mandatory orientation by Club Manager and payment of the one time orientation fee of $50.00 which covers cost of household badges and fob.

Can I opt out of paying club dues if I don’t use the Clubhouse facilities?

Each Owner of a home purchased after September 24, 1997 is required to be a member of the Club Association and pay the associated annual dues for that membership whether they utilize the facilities or not.

Can I trim the bushes and trees in the common area behind my home?

With the receipt of an APPROVED Trim Request, you can trim in the common area within 4 feet of your rear property line. Trim Request Forms are available on website.

Can I park my vehicle on the street in front of my home?

All homeowners, leesees, tenants and their family members are required to park in their attached garage or driveway. Guests and invitees may park vehicles on the street adjacent to the curb while visiting homeowner residence for a reasonable time as determined by the Ranch Board.

Can I park my recreational vehicle on the street in front of my home?

Residents, guests and invitees may park a motor home, mini-motor home, travel trailer or recreational vehicle including the vehicle used for the towing of such on the street next to curb for a MAXIMUM of 24 hours for loading and unloading purposes during any calendar week.

Who owns the Park and the Trails in the Ranch?

Cottonwood Ranch owns and maintains the Park and Trails. They are open for public use from Dawn to Dusk.

Can the Park Ramada, BBQ and picnic tables be reserved?

The park cannot be reserved by groups, or for special use activities or functions.

What are the requirements and where can I get the required form needed for permission to make architectural changes to my home?

The Architectural Guidelines as well as request forms are available on the website, at the Clubhouse or by contacting any of the members of the Architectural Committee. Contact information for the committee members is available on the website.

Are the Architectural Committee meetings open to residents?

The AC meetings are closed except to those who have a request before the committee to be considered.

What if my request is denied?

If homeowner request is denied, a full explanation of denial is provided to homeowner. In many instances, additional documentation and/or clarification can reverse the decision. Should denial continue to be disputed, homeowner may request an appeal to the Ranch Board of Directors who will vote on a final resolution.